September 1st... 30 of The World’s Best Marketers, Entrepreneurs, 
Investors and Celebrities Will Meet Behind Closed-Doors And Over 
One-Intense Day They'll Finally Reveal How They…
September 1st... 30 of The World’s Best Marketers, Entrepreneurs, Investors and Celebrities 
Will Meet Behind Closed Doors And Over 
One-Intense Day They'll Finally Reveal How They…
Cash In On The 
“Biggest Opportunities” 
To Make Millions For Themselves & Their Clients
Cash In On The “Biggest Opportunities” 
To Make Millions For Themselves & Their Clients
YOU'RE INVITED To Join Them And Discover Their Most Effective Profit-Producing Opportunities And Business Building Secrets... So You Can Rapidly Grow Your Income, Influence & Impact... 
The Founders Of This Exclusive Event Have Been Featured On:
September 1st - Los Angeles, California
The world's only in-person event that shows you how to... 

... sell more of your products and services in counterintuitive ways... 

... profit more through maximizing your marketing strategy...

... influence more by sharing your message with millions... 
... invest in the "Biggest Opportunities" happening around the globe.

... connect directly with 30 people who cumulatively have generated over $5 Billion by cashing in on HUGE opportunities. 

And, ultimately, accelerate your personal success and business growth through the untapped power of the "Biggest Opportunities" you will be cashing in on after Septemeber 1st.

Now, unlike other events or seminars you may have attended before... The Exclusive ELEVATOR BOOTCAMP is not just about sharing information, ideas, connections and big opportunities.

It's a fully interactive, immersive experience where you'll get hands-on guidance, coaching and feedback from myself and the 30 expert speakers who have generated Tens of Billions of Dollars in revenue.

This means you'll walk away from our intense day together and immediately see real-time results pay off from the strategies you learn. We guarantee it, or it's FREE to attend. 

Now, before I tell you more about Elevator Bootcamp, I want to show you just a few of the entrepreneurs you'll be "rubbing elbows" with...
here’s just a few of the experts You’ll Be "Rubbing Elbows" With... 
here’s just a few of the experts 
you’ll be "rubbing elbows" with... 

Ed Mylett - Founder,  World Financial Group

Ed Mylett is the fastest growing personality in the history of social media. He's also the nations top peak performance expert and speaks all over the world helping people with their mindset. Many people know him as the $400M man. 

Andy Frisella - Founder of 1st Phorm

Andy Frisella is most known for his no BS personality and his show The MF CEO 

Andy has built a 9-figure business. Speaks all over the world. And motivates millions every month from social media and his top rated podcast that reaches millions, called, The MF CEO.

Lewis Howes - NY Times Best Seller, Entrepreneur

Lewis Howes is on the fast path to becoming a house hold name across the country.

Lewis went from professional football athlete, to a career ending injury. This was the shift in his life that changed everything. Since then, he's built a multi-million dollar personal brand and online business where he uses social media and podcasting to inspire and impact millions of people.

Tom Bilyeu - Quest Nutrition and Impact Theory

Tom Bilyeu is most known for his popular show Impact Theory and for building Quest Nutrition.

Bilyeu co-founded Quest Nutrition in 2010 alongside Ron Penna and Mike Osborn. The company grew by 57,000% in its first 3 years, and was ranked #2 on the Inc 500 fastest-growing companies in the United States in 2014.

Cole Hatter - Founder, THRIVE 

Cole Hatter is a world-renowned speaker, entrepreneur and investor. 

Cole has sold over $120M from stage. He's generated tens of millions of dollars in real estate deals. He's going to breakdown his best sales techniques and real estate tactics for building wealth.

Cody Sperber - Real Estate Expert

Cody Sperber has generated hundreds of millions of dollars in real estate deals.

From veteran in the armed forces to multi-millionaire real estate expert. Cody is leading the way for other real estate investors to cash in on the foundation of most wealthy peoples asset portfolio...real estate. 

Dan Fleyshman - Host of Elevator Bootcamp & The Birthday Boy

I'm the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history.

We've hosted 29 Elevator Night events. This will be the best one yet! 

Branden Hampton - Host of Elevator Night

Known as the guy behind some of the biggest social media brands and influencers on social media. Also, an angel investor and the host of Elevator nights with Dan Fleyshman.

Branden is ranked by Forbes as the #1 social media influencer in the world. 

Brad Lea - Founder of LightSpeed

Brad is a self-made entrepreneur. With over 25 years in sales & marketing he's helped train and motivate thousands worldwide. Brad is continually striving to enhance his businesses to better serve his clients. He works out of LightSpeed VT’s world headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Brad is the author of The Real Deal™ lease training program which is utilized in dealerships across America.

Mark Lack - Founder of Shorten The Gap

Mark is the authority on Personal Branding and omnipresence. Showing entrepreneurs how to develop preeminently positioned personal brands that lead to massive impact in the world and millions of dollars in new revenue. Mark also hosts the TV show Business Rockstars, where he's interviewed over one thousand successful entrepreneurs ranging from millionaires to billionaires. 

Billy Gene - Founder of Billy Gene Is Marketing

Billy Gene is one of the world's leading customer acquisition experts. 

At The Elevator Bootcamp he'll reveal his step-by-step "G.E.N.I.U.S" System and show you how to profitably acquire customers using paid advertising and media. 

Greg Reid - Speaker & Author 

For over 25 years, Greg has inspired hundreds of thousands of people to take personal responsibility to step into the potential of their greatness and, as such, his life of contribution has been recognized by government leaders, a foreign Princess as well as luminaries in education, business and industry.
With More Amazing Speakers Still To Be Announced... 
With More Amazing Speakers 
Still To Be Announced... 
Plus, alongside the expert speakers, the presentations and the networking, you also get to have some fun.

An incredible after party hosted by Wiz Khalifa starts at 9:00pm and will go until midnight with all these incredible speakers. 
Pick Your Level Of Commitment Below
 BEST VALUE | General seating
one time payment (general seating)
  • General Seating
  • Exclusive Networking
  • After Party Ticket (included)
  • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (general session)
  • 9:00 PM - Midnight (after party hosted by Wiz Khalifa)
Mastermind (meet the speakers)

 ONLY 30 spots available
one time payment (meet the speakers)
  • Personally meet the speakers
  • VIP front row seats at the event
  • Unlimited food and beverages
  • Exclusive Networking
  • 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM (mastermind session)
  • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (general session)
  • 9:00 PM - Midnight (after party hosted by Wiz Khalifa)
  • VIP access to the balcony for the after party
Imagine This...
You just spent the most intense full day learning and connecting with 30 of the world's best marketers, entrepreneurs, investors and celebrities...

And, behind closed doors, they finally revealed their most powerful and profit-producing activities and business building secrets that made them $5 Billion.

The same ones they are using right now to put millions of dollars in their pockets. 

But, they didn't just share these opportunities and wealth secrets with you... 

... they also gave you a proven, easy-to-replicate, step-by-step blueprint for almost instantly adding an extra... 
$1,000 to $10,000 to $100,000+ Per Month 
To Your Revenue 
Finally, to top it off... 

They virtually guaranteed you could achieve that... even if you're just starting out without a big email list, advertising budget, investment captial or connections. 

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.  

But here's the catch... (there's always a catch right?)

You have to actually implement and take action on what you learn. 

If you're looking for the next "magic pill" to succeed...stop reading, go back to watching Netflix or scrolling on social media, watching success from the sidelines.

But if you are the type of person who just needs someone who has already achieved the results you want... to show you the path, and next steps to take...

Then keep reading, because this could quite possibly transform your life.

Because you’re invited to join this "secret one day event" where this exact dream scenario will become your reality. 

On September 1st, you have the unique opportunity to spend a full day with these 30 elite entrepreneurs who are joining forces to show YOU... 

... how to exponentially grow your income, influence and impact by cashing in on the "Biggest Opportunities" that almost all business-owners ignore. 

And those who know a couple of these opportunities have NO CLUE how to cash in on them... Wait until you see how these 30 entrepreneurs
 are doing it.

Now, I must warn you... 
This Event Will Sell Out
This Event Will Sell Out 
… and many of the spots have already been reserved

So feel free to keep reading to learn more about this exclusive event, and then go ahead and grab your ticket(s) now while you can.

And I should probably mention... this isn't our first rodeo.

We've now successfully hosted 29 Elevator Night events (and this will be the best).
Hi, I’m Dan Fleyshman, the founder of this event.

One of my mentors once said to me, "When you can buy anything, you'll realize all that matters is who you celebrate with, and how you give back."

Well September 1st is my birthday, and to celebrate, I'm putting on this exclusive event to be with all my friends, and to give back to the hungry entrepreneurs and professionals who want to find their next "BIG opportunity" to cash in on.

For the past 12 years I’ve been showing entrepreneurs from all walks of life how to make more money, create more impact and live life on your terms by cashing in on the "Biggest Opportunities" in business. 

And now I want to quickly introduce you to someone very special...
Meet My Business Partner and Co-Founder of Elevator Bootcamp...
Branden Hampton is known by FORBES as the #1 social media influencer in the world. He's also the guy behind some of the biggest social media brands and influencers on social media. 

Branden and I wrote a book together that every entrepreneur should read, called "How to set-up your business for under $1,000." 

Branden and I will be taking the stage together September 1st at Elevator Bootcamp to do the introduction and kick-off the event! 

Now I want to quickly share a short background on me (and why it matters to you)...

I'm the youngest founder of a publicly traded company in history. 

At the age of 23, after selling 15 million dollars worth of clothing in six department store chains and surpassing expectations with a 9.5 million dollar licensing deal with STARTER apparel, I then launched the “Who’s Your Daddy” energy drink into 55,000 retail stores and military bases. 

10 years after starting my licensing company in high school, I went on to launch Victory Poker in 2010, building the third largest team of professional players out of the 550 poker sites on the market. I'm also an angel investor in 26 companies.

I've been blessed enough to connect with and advise hundreds of the most successful influencers, entrepreneurs, even Fortune 500 executives and billionaires.

They consult with me on anything ranging from marketing, social media, investing, influencer marketing, events, partnerships, licensing, raising money and growing online brands.

But the main reason people come to me for advice is because I'm one of the best in the world at finding, and cashing in on, the "Biggest Opportunities". 
And, if you're like the thousands of entrepreneurs I see and... 
  • You're trying to build an online business
  • Your sales aren't growing like you want 
  • You struggle to stand-out from the competition
  • You can’t consistently generate traffic, leads and sales
  • You have to jump from new strategy to new strategy
  •  You don't know where to strategically invest your money
It’s because... 
Your Business - BIG or small - Is Missing 
This One Hidden "Link"...
Your Business - BIG or small - Is Missing 
This One Hidden "Link"...
... and it's strangling your growth potential. 

You see, without this "link" you can try new strategy after new strategy and still not see any real substantial growth to your revenue and income...

There's a reason why some people and companies achieve success much faster and much easier than others with less friction and bigger profit margins... 

And then the 99% struggle... and never really escape the "rat race"...  
To Fix This And Accelerate Your Income, Influence & Impact You Must Discover Your Big Opportunity
Once you discover it...

then you need to have a clear and proven plan to "cash in" on your BIG opportunity. 

So whether you need guidance in discovering your next "big opportunity"...

Or if you know it, but still need help mapping out and executing the plan to grow...

Either way, you need to be at the Elevator Bootcamp on September 1st.

So go ahead and grab your ticket(s) now so you can learn from 30 ultra-successful entrepreneurs who will answer your questions and guide you to cashing in on your next Big opportunity.
You Already Have Big Opportunities All Around You And Right Now It’s Either Helping You or Hurting You...
You Already Have Big Opportunities 
All Around You And Right Now It’s Either 
Helping You or Hurting You...
More importantly, you must be willing to EXECUTE on the amazing ideas and opportunities you hear, if not, please don't attend.

"One great idea executed is worth 1000 ordinary ones." 

Executing on a single strategy from Elevator Bootcamp can return your nominal investment to attend, by 20X to 500X in a moment.

The opportunities are right in front of you for the taking, so you can carbon copy the success of your peers, and achieve much higher levels of success. 

It doesn’t matter if you never tried to cash in on a big opportunity yet. 

It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to. 

The fact remains - we live in the best time in history to be an entrepreneur. 

We are surrounded by opportunities every day

Technology, and the internet, have given us the ability to create infinite possibilities and opportunities for ourselves... and future generations. 

These opportunities can allow you to become financially free, to have the time freedom you want and be able to do more of what you love, and contribute more and build your legacy for yourself and your family. 

And honestly... if you're okay with being on your death bed and regretting that you never played all out - and tried to see what was possible if you actually went all in.

Then Elevator Bootcamp probably isn't for you... because we only want people in attendance who are hungry for opportunities, who want to have more and give more and become more than they are now. 

And if you're still reading this letter then it's safe to assume that you're interested in joining our group on September 1st. 

Which is why....
I Want To Show You 
How To Leverage
 BIG Opportunities 
So You Can…
I Want To Show You How To 
Leverage BIG Opportunities 
So You Can…
  • Instantly Establish Your Authority In Your Market 
  • Get Invitations to Speak On Stages Around The World 
  • Build a Raving Audience Who'll Buy Anything You Offer 
  • Stop Worrying About How You’ll Find Your Next Clients 
  • Get Featured On The Biggest Media Channels In Your Market
  • Consistently & Predictably Generate Floods of New Traffic
  • Network & Partner With Your Market's Biggest Influencers
  • Charge Premium Prices For Your Products and Services 
  • Get 10X to 100X returns on your investments
  • Cash in on the "not so common" wealth building strategies 
And there’s much, much more that you will get from attending Elevator Bootcamp.

Which is why I’m inviting you to join me and 30 experts at The Elevator Bootcamp on September 1st.
Here’s Just A Fraction Of The Breakthrough Strategies You’ll Get 
During Our Intense Day Together… 
  • The step-by-step decision making process the top investors use to vet deals and project future returns
  •  “Marketing Omnipresence” - How to put your message in front of millions of targeted prospects… without spending a dime...
  •  How to automate your profit-producing activities so your business fills up with new leads and buyers every minute of every day… without you lifting a finger.    
  •  How to position and present yourself (or your business) so you can charge premium prices and finally get paid what you deserve... (and how to do it without killing your conversion rates).

    Using this one strategy you can walkaway from The Elevator Bootcamp and confidently double… even triple… your prices.  
  • How to pick from 7 different ways to profit from real estate without any experience, investment capital, or connections.
  •  How to build a team of A-list players to build your business for you.
  •  Why Sales Funnels Fail! You must take your leads through these three “stages of awareness” if you ever want them to buy… (critical if you sell services or high-ticket items).
  •  “The 3 Pillars of Monetizing Content” - How to make money from your articles, videos and social posts even without using call to actions.

  •  The ONE thing your prospect must believe if they’re ever going to buy from you... the same thing an investor needs to believe to invest with you.
  •  “Media Inception” how to get featured in the top media for FREE.
  •  How to strategically cash in on one of the biggest opportunities in the history of the world... Most people think the "bubble popped" but it hasn't even begun... wait until you learn these advanced investment techniques! 
  •  2-Step Process for borrowing your competitor’s audience and turning their followers into your raving fans and customers.
  •  The system and process to turn a "not so common" real estate investment strategy into a 50% to 425% return within 90-120 days guaranteed. 
  •  And the foundation of the event... Learn how to cash in on the Biggest Opportunities that these 30 experts have used to generate over 5 billion dollars in cumulative revenue.
I Must Warn You...
The Elevator Bootcamp
Is Limited To 1,000 People
I Must Warn You...
The Elevator Bootcamp
Is Limited To 1,000 People
Why is it limited to that number?  

Because the building can't hold any more people by Law.

1,000 people may sound like a lot, but MILLIONS of people are going to see this because all the speakers are promoting... and when it sells out, it's sold out.

And if you saw the speaker line up... That's over 23 million followers just on the primary speaker line up... not including the other speakers.

So this event will 100% sell out, and if you know the word "FOMO".

A lot of people are going to have "Fear Of Missing Out" which you don't want.

So go ahead and grab your tickets now while they're still available and be one of the lucky people to experience and be part of this unique and special day.
How Much Does It Cost To Attend? 
Let me clear the air first… 

How much is it worth if you could "pick the brains" of anyone of the 30 ultra-successful entrepreneurs you'll be learning from on September 1st...? 

Depending on where you're at in business currently... it could make you millions.

Just to be around these 30 entrepreneurs in masterminds, or to hire them to speak, or to "pick their brain" for advice... can cost upwards of $100,000.

So if you think investing a few hundred bucks to learn from 30 entrepreneurs who have generated over 5 Billion Dollars in Revenue is expensive...

Please let me restate what I said earlier: 

"...stop reading, and go back to watching Netflix or scrolling on social media, watching success from the sidelines."

Although your investment is going to be a fraction of what it should be, if the idea of spending a few hundred dollars terrifies you, then you’re not ready for this. 

However, if you understand the value of this rare opportunity… 

… and if you see the huge ROI potential as well as money you’re currently leaving on the table because you're not yet implementing these strategies… then you’ll laugh at the investment because you know the value is priceless.

To secure your seat you’ll simply pick one of the ticket options you'll see below.
But First, I'm Going To Make Your 
Decision Today Absolutely 
So to give you total confidence and security I’m going to assume all the risk by protecting your investment with a… 
Can’t Lose 100% 
Money-Back Guarantee
Here's how it's going to work... 

Join me and the other 30 elite entrepreneur speakers you'll connect with, and learn from, and do Q&A with on September 1st, at The Elevator Bootcamp -- consume all the content, connect with the expert speakers, network with hundreds of other entrepreneurs and receive every bit of value you can from our intense day together... 

And when it's all over...

If you don't believe it was worth every penny you invested... AND... if you don't have a clear path to some HUGELY lucrative opportunities... or a step-by-step action plan to generate an extra $1,000 to $10,000 or even $100,000+ per month in your business... 

I will personally write you a check refunding your investment 100%. 

This means you know with total certainty that The Elevator Bootcamp will be everything promised in this letter... or you pay nothing. 

Plus... with a money-back guarantee like this, you know that both the speakers and I will be forced to bring our "A-Game" and make this a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. 

So click the button below now and secure your spot at The Elevator Bootcamp before tickets inevitably sell out...
Pick Your Level Of Commitment Below
 BEST VALUE | General seating
one time payment (general seating)
  • General Seating
  • Exclusive Networking
  • After Party Ticket (included)
  • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (general session)
  • 9:00 PM - Midnight (after party hosted by Wiz Khalifa)
Mastermind (meet the speakers)

 ONLY 30 spots available
one time payment (meet the speakers)
  • Personally meet the speakers
  • VIP front row seats at the event
  • Unlimited food and beverages
  • Exclusive Networking
  • 9:00 AM - 11:45 AM (mastermind session)
  • 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM (general session)
  • 9:00 PM - Midnight (after party hosted by Wiz Khalifa)
  • VIP access to the balcony for the after party
Let Me Ask You One Final Question... 
Do you believe you're living up to your full potential? 

Or do you believe you could be making more money, influencing more people and impacting more lives? 

Either way, I highly recommend you join us on September 1st... because I'm telling you right now... when you see the level at which these 30 entrepreneurs are playing at... you'll know you can do more.

If you discover just one of the wealth building secrets to "cashing in" on the Biggest Opportunities of today...

You can easily add an extra $1,000 to $10,000 to $100,000+ to your monthly income... and grow your business exponentially! 

Now, obviously I can’t guarantee you’ll see these exact results. Truly, it all comes down to whether you're willing to implement what you learn and take action.

However, I can tell you it is possible. Because I’ve seen it happen time and time again with people who overcame adversity that no one should ever have to face.

I've seen people attend our events get ONE golden nugget of value and make millions from it... or make one connection with one person who changes their life.

Honestly...when is the best time to grab an opportunity?  When it appears. 

This is your opportunity to take... If not now, when? 

Go ahead and grab your tickets now and I'll see you soon and celebrate with you! 
Frequently Asked Questions
Where is it located?

Los Angeles, CA.  The exact address is sent to you after you purchase your tickets.

What time does the event start and finish? 

The general session for everyone will start at 12:00pm sharp. So please arrive early to check in and get your wrist band. The event ends at 8:00pm and the after party starts at 9:00pm and finishes at midnight.

What do we do about parking? 

There will be lots of parking available. If you're flying into town, you can always take an Uber, Lyft or a taxi. 

Do I have to get Dan a birthday gift? ;) 

No you do not. The gift is you joining us by getting your ticket and attending this amazing experience with everyone.